When I was little, my Granny Kate showed me how to knit, but it didn’t stick. Then I grew up, got my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia, married a guy who had lots of creative outlets of his own, moved into a tiny Vancouver apartment and decided I needed to pick up knitting again since it was something I could happily do in a small space. I borrowed a “how to knit” book from the library and found out my fingers remembered what Granny had taught me. Then I got Stitch & Bitch and discovered how cool knitting can be.

Granny Kate and me
Granny Kay, who was also an excellent knitter
me at two, in the outfit Granny Kate knitted for me







My designs have been published in online and print magazines and books. I published my first collection in November, 2011.

Thank you

to my award-winning sister Wendy, who photographed many of my earlier projects, and to my talented and smart husband Paul, who manages our web server, patiently answers computer questions, photographs my projects and occasionally (reluctantly) models.

Legal stuff

All text and images on this website © Cheryl Niamath.

All patterns © Cheryl Niamath. 

Selling projects made from my patterns:
It’s okay if you want to sell a limited number of projects made from my free patterns and patterns that I have for sale, but I would appreciate being credited as the designer on the label and having my web address or a link to this website included (if the projects are being sold online).

An example of how the label could read is:

Fetching Gloves hand knit by Miss Knitter
fibre content (ie 100% cashmere) •  washing instructions (ie Hand wash, dry flat)

Pattern designed by Cheryl Niamath • www.fetchingknits.thruhere.net

Teaching classes using my patterns
Teachers and yarn shops wanting to teach classes using one of my free patterns are welcome to do so, providing that you request each student to download their own copy of the pattern to bring to class. Alternately, typeset versions of Fetching and Dashing are available for purchase in my Ravelry pattern store so that you may provide copies of the pattern to your students.

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  1. Hello Cheryl, how are you?
    I’m looking to contact a few designers to feature as an advertorial
    showcase in our magazine and I think your work is just beautiful,
    where I believe more people should be aware it’s qualities! Would you
    mind to send me your email, so I can provide you further information?

    Happy Wednesday!


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