Antonio + Roberta

Antonio the rabbit and his best friend Roberta the kitty are helpful bean bag paperweights. Use them to keep important notes from blowing away in the breeze, or for holding the pages of your pattern book open when your hands are busy with yarn and needles.
They are made in one piece, starting with a triangular garter stitch base worked flat. Stitches for the body are picked up along the base’s edges, and the body is worked in the round. The face is embroidered and the piece is stuffed while the work is still on the needles, and then the open top is knitted together and the ears are worked. You don’t even have to weave in the ends, because you use them to make the tails!


The yarn that was originally used for this project is discontinued. Substitute a bulky or super-bulky weight mohair or alpaca for best results.

If it’s really windy, you might need both Antonio and Roberta to keep your notes from blowing away. Or you can make bigger versions by using heavier-weight yarn. Just make sure to use needles that are a few sizes smaller than what is normally recommended for the yarn. Also, for their own safety, Antonio and Roberta are not recommended for small children.

This pattern is available for download

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