This close-fitting, light weight sleeveless top is versatile and a little bit daring. The hemp yarn has a beautiful drape and organic feel, and is very airy and open, perfect for layering over a t-shirt, tank top, or camisole. With side laces and contrasting side panels, the top can be laced as tightly or as loosely ad you like, and, when you need it, the panels can be laced in for more room. You can start wearing it before you even finish knitting the side panels if you want, and the panels don’t take long to knit, so you can make lots in different colours to coordinate with all your outfits. Because you can take the panels out again when you no longer need the extra space, you’ll be able to wear this top after your pregnancy, too.

The full pattern appears in Expectant Little Knits: Chic Designs for Moms to be, published by Lark Books, 2008

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