This is a very delicate mohair scarf with very definite possibilities. You can, of course, wear it tucked inside your coat as a regular scarf, but you can also do so much more: button one end to the opposite side, and you have a lovely capelet; wrap it around your neck, button one end to the other end and you have a cowl; fold it in half lengthwise, lace a piece of ribbon through the eyelets along one side, and you have a hood that won’t flatten your hair.

This scarf will keep out the chill, and because it’s so light, you can wear it year-round without looking overdressed. Stick it in a ziplock bag and pop it in your luggage when you travel; it won’t take up any space or weigh you down, but will be handy to keep you warm if the need arises (ever been to Edinburgh in the spring?).

The pattern looks intricate, but it’s actually very easy: 6 rows of garter stitch alternate with 9 rows of fishnet lace, with eyelets worked at each edge every 5th row.

The full pattern appears in Knitty Summer 2007

This pattern is also available in Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

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