This is an excellent everyday purse with two pockets (one under the flap, and one that nicely divides the interior), with enough room for your wallet and lipstick, maybe some keys and your phone and a note pad to write down good ideas when they come to you.

It’s made in four pieces from sturdy mercerized cotton. The front flap and strap edges are finished with a knitted-on i-cord that provides stability and gives a nice neat look. You can treat yourself with exotic fabric for the lining and give yourself a lift every time you look inside.

The full pattern appears in Knitty Fall 2007

How to make a button to match your lining:

You will need a piece of lining fabric approximately 4cm/1.5″ wide by 20 cm/8″ long; sewing needle and several metres / yards sewing thread to match the lining fabric. Maybe a thimble would help, too.

Fold fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together, and back stitch or machine stitch close to the raw edge. Turn the piece rightside out (a chopstick or pencil will come in handy). Tie a tight square knot in the middle of the piece. Stitch through the two “tails” as close to the knot as you can, but do not cut thread. Wind the thread around the tails tightly for about 1 cm /.5″ to make a shank, then stitch back and forth through the shank until you feel like it’s sturdy enough. Use your threaded needle to attach the button to the front of the purse.

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