These fingerless gloves come pretty close to instant knitting gratification: buy your yarn on Friday after work, and by Sunday evening you can have a new pair of stylish handwarmers to enhance your Monday commute.

The cables hold the gloves nicely at your wrist and across your knuckles, and are excellent for keeping you warm yet unhindered while knitting, typing, or enjoying a coffee at an outdoor café. If you have never tried knitting cables before, this would be an excellent project to start with. The cable pattern is simple, and if you make a mistake and end up having to rip out some rows, it shouldn’t take you long to catch up.

The full pattern appears in Knitty Summer 2006

Translations are also available in Dutch, French, Japanese, Portuguese, & Spanish.

How to:
For details about how to make the thumb and the picot bind off, please see the Help section.

Teaching classes with Fetching
Teachers and yarn shops wanting to teach classes using this patterns are welcome to do so, providing that you request each student to download their own copy of the pattern to bring to class. Alternately, a typeset versions of Fetching is available for purchase for $10 so that you may provide copies of the pattern to your students.

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  1. Is there a video? Explain 4X1 rib. – also, if I am knitting on double point needles, why does the pattern refer to knitting in the round?

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