This fingerless mitt pattern is only slightly more complicated than Fetching, and the finished product is something you could wear yourself or proudly present to a lucky recipient of either sex. The cable rounds are a bit more of a challenge, but there are only 3 of them, nicely spread out so you have time to collect yourself in between.

The full pattern appears in Knitty Spring 2007

Yarnsub ideas:
Any medium weight yarn (16 st=4” on the ball band) will probably work. Wool, microfibre, alpaca and blends of these will work best. Elann Sierra Aran is an affordable option that works well and comes in a gazillion colours.

Also available in French.

How to:
For details about how to make the thumb, please see the Help section

Teaching classes with Dashing
Teachers and yarn shops wanting to teach classes using this patterns are welcome to do so, providing that you request each student to download their own copy of the pattern to bring to class. Alternately, a typeset version of Dashing is available for purchase for $10 so that you may provide copies of the pattern to your students.

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  1. I am knitting Dashing, and I have a question for you. In the pattern notes, there are instructions for CB and CF, but in the pattern there are no instructions telling me to CF. Is this correct?

    Thank you!

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